Success Rules

September 24, 2006

You can achieve success if
1) You choose to always see the positive, to be a problem-solving go-getter
2) You recognise that you can improve yourself
3) You are willing to re-examine every aspect of your character, you constantly analyse yourself to see how you can do things better and quicker
4) You commit yourself to Constant And Never ending Improvement (CANI)
5) You recognise that the skill-set that makes you a good employee is insufficient, you must develop your autonomous skills
6) You realise that Success is a habit and attitude and a skill
7) You learn a set of skills and tricks which you can use to help you become more efficient
8) You write a Success Diary to note down every time you go outside your comfort-zone, conquer a bad-habit, surprise a colleague, friend or relation with your thoughtfulness, every time you achieve a mini-goal or get paid a compliment.
9) You appreciate that you live in the most wonderful age of opportunities, inventions, technologies, health improvements, travel possibilities and new sports you wonder how you how you can possibly fail.


Another Success Mantra

September 16, 2006

Another Success Mantra
EVERYDAY Learn Something New
EVERYDAY Attack a BAD Habit
EVERYDAY Plan Something
EVERYDAY DO Something for Someone Else
EVERYDAY Surprise Someone or Yourself

“The first law of success is concentration, to bend all your energies to one point, and to go directly to that point, looking neither to the right nor to the left.” –William Mathews

Faster, Higher, Stronger -> To aim for constant improvement.

~ Olympics motto

“Let me win, but, if I cannot win, let me be brave, in the attempt.”

~ Special Olympics motto

How far is far, how high is high? We’ll never know until we try.

~ Song from the California Special Olympics


4 Steps to Starting your Success

September 6, 2006

4 Steps to Starting your Success
There are four things that need to happen before you can achieve success,
1) You have to take 100 percent responsibility for your life, no blaming anyone else.
2) You have to transform yourself so that you make every second count, and become highly efficient at everything you undertake
3) You need to find a business about which you are passionate
4) You just have to get going!

“I’ve had a few arguments with people, but I never carry a grudge. You know why? While you’re carrying a grudge, they’re out dancing.” Buddy Hackett

924 days to go…

August 20, 2006

keke… yesterday was FUN!!!!

attended an event at CMPB yesterday… met a lot a lot of new people, and met up with some old friends too… JC schoolmates, friends from previous events etc. Got to meet some of their friends too 🙂

Played some games too. Won some vouchers, got a free movie tix… got 2 cardholders… only problem now is where to find the namecards to put inside? hmm…

Joined some of the participants for dinner, talked about their jobs, talked about our jobs, talked about the events etc. hmm… the usual first group dinner I guess, where lots of silences, but quite an interesting group of people 🙂 Let’s see if future outings get better 🙂

met some old friends for a cuppa. Got suanned left and right as I was sms-ing all the way. Not with one of the guys, but with a girlfriend who didn’t manage to register for the event. keke…

Success Mantra
I expect excellence of myself and those around me
I am a great coach and cheerleader to myself and others
People like to be around me because I bring out the best in them
I let go of all doubts about my own abilities
My abilities are growing stronger today
I expect to win!


Author Unknown

A Smile costs nothing, but gives much

It enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give

It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever

None is so rich or mighty that he can get along without it,
and none is so poor, but that he can be made rich by it

A Smile creates happiness in the home, fosters good will in business,
and is the countersign of friendship

It brings rest to the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad,
and it is nature’s best antidote for trouble.

Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen,
for it is something that is of no value to anyone, until it is given away

Some people are too tired to give you a smile;
Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much as he who has no more to give.

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