773 days to go…

January 17, 2007

Starting to get stressed. This is not good… only week 3! Meetings picking up pace, marking stacking up, paperwork not cleared (courtesy of some monkeys…), CCA starting.

Came across a page on funny homework on the web… sharing one here… while I go type out more paperwork… arghhhh….


Like this especially… funny!!!


Happiness Poem

September 27, 2006

If a happiness poem could bring forth a smile,
Then my face would always dress in style.

If my ears could hear my computer screen,
From one to another, they, too, would grin.

My keyboard types for my eyes not my tongue
This happiness poem will never be sung.

But what of my eyes? Don’t they shine?
Yes, but not from this poem of mine.

The pen is mightier than the sword,
But a pen can write only words.

The feelings I sense and the senses I feel
For keyboard and screen remain far too real.

My ears and my nose remain at rest.
My cheeks and hairline are doing their best.

But if this happiness poem could make my mouth smile,
My face would forever dress up in style.

World Happiness Manifesto

September 27, 2006

My personal manifesto for a better world

I am a member of the human race. The only race I recognize is my own — the human race.

Members of my race are carbon-based bipods, with one head and one heart. They all smile. They all despair. They all feel anger and pain. They all feel joy and hope. They see. They smell. They hear. They learn. They love. They seek happiness for self and for others.

Members of my race speak many tongues, wear their skin and hair in a variety of hues, choose from thousands of occupations and live in a multitude of places. They are all good. They are all worthwhile. They are all human. In my world, the only racism is love of the human race.

I am a citizen of the world. I recognize my overriding responsibility to be a good citizen. To care for my fellow citizens. To share with my fellow citizens. To be a good steward of the planet and its resources, for the wellbeing of my fellow citizens and of future generations. The absence of a world government in no way diminishes my obligations of citizenship or my sense of belonging.

As a citizen of the world, I recognize local governments. I pay my local taxes. I obey local ordinances. I salute my local flag. I protect my neighbors and their rights. My responsibility to my neighbors and to my local government is part of my citizenship in the world.

It is a sad reality that many local governments do not recognize my citizenship in the world. I pray for the day when no person shall be called an “alien” anywhere in my world.

I am a child of god. I reside in my family home with my brothers and sisters. To the best of my ability, despite my many weaknesses, I will endeavor to do god’s will. I recognize that most of my brothers and sisters also do their best to follow god’s will, even when the message they are following sounds different than what I have heard, or messages that come from different gods. I will not second-guess god’s message to others; I respect god’s divine right and wisdom to send different messages to each of us children.

I am an instrument of peace. Happiness and peace go hand-in-hand. Complete happiness might be unattainable on this planet, but it remains crucial that we never stop striving for it. Therefore, we must all be instruments of peace.

Members of every race sometimes fight amongst themselves. As a member of the human race, I will strive to promote understanding amongst humans and to reduce conflict within our race.

Members of every nation sometimes bicker amongst themselves. As a citizen of the world, I will strive to promote understanding amongst citizens everywhere and to reduce conflict across our planet.

Members of every family sometimes quarrel amongst themselves. As a citizen of the world, I will strive to promote understanding amongst my brothers and sisters and to reduce conflict within our family.


This happiness manifesto is based on a manifesto produced by The Happy Guy’s happiness website. Please follow this hyperlink to view The original World Happiness Manifesto, a production of

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