Happy New Year!!!

February 11, 2007

Happy New Year to all 🙂 May all the things below come true 🙂


756 days to go…

February 3, 2007

Went walking at east coast… share some pics


Cable Ski!!! I wanna try this!!!


Mother and Child

Also went Chinatown later in the evening… piggies piggies everywhere.. didn’t buy much… peanuts for my parents (their fav) and a book for myself


Dragon: Why are you peeping at me? ROAR
(Luminous Dragon, used in dragon dances. Background drums known as 24 seasons drums)


Piggy… cute!


Indian Temple joins us in the lunar new year celebrations 🙂


These 2 words means that things will go the way you wish they will 🙂


This old uncle… took his pic 2nd year so far… popular “landmark” during CNY 🙂


Look at all the people! This is at the overhead bridge


Smoking piggy….

769 days to go…

January 21, 2007

Hmm, this was supposed to be posted exactly 1 week ago, but… erm… well…

Pongal (Tamil: பொங்கல்) is a Hindu festival to give thanks for the harvest. Pongal in Tamil means ‘boiling over’. Traditionally celebrated at harvest time, it is a celebration of the prosperity associated with the event.

Pongal is celebrated by all people in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu as well as Tamils worldwide, including Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore.



Started our trip with a special treat! (Left to Right: Winter Delight, Banana Boat and Falooda)


What’s the boy doing?


Oh I see…


Sweet calf


Nice Goat


What’s he looking at? (No idea…)


Very cute right?

789 days to go…

January 1, 2007

New year here… 2007…

Counted down at esplanade park.. very very very very very very crowded!!! Went without a tripod (last minute decision, and I was already out), but got a couple of decent shots anyway. Or at least, they are decent, to my standards! But… was blocked by trees, people, lamp posts etc… hahahaha… Just to share a few that I like


I like this composition


Butterflies in the park!


More butterflies!


Just look at that crowd!


The finale!

anyway, went for my last basic salsa today. Think I really really get the simple turn now! I was stepping on 6 instead of just turning, which explains why I run out of time and I turn all over the room… The music’s faster, but still manageable…

Think I’ll be signing up for inter… should be fun!

867 days to go…

October 15, 2006

Keke… another interesting week…

Piah like crazy to finish work… finally finished all but a fraction by Friday nite… so went out 🙂

Went for a toastmasters session on Friday. Wow… was asked to speak for 2.5 min on… *drumroll*… “you’ve been charged with leaving the toilet seat up. What do you plead?” *** DUH *** oh pleeze…. would I do that? ended up really talking crap… talked about what our national ideals were (gracious society) and educating people around us to be more considerate. humph… We watched this video after that. The people were… *ahem* charismatic… but certainly holds the audience’s attention!

Sat I went for this session on aromatherapy and stuff. Learnt a bit about massage too. Very interesting. I like this aromatherapy thingy called ylang ylang… mabbe can go find the essential oil and sniff it when I am tired… hmm… do I sound like an addict? lol….

Evening went for shooting at little india!!! nice lights, nice food, nice people. keke… some of my amateur works…


Design on side road vs design on main road 🙂


Friendly man tying the garland


Sweet trinket…


Colourful trinket boxes

Getting a henna done. Shall I get one too?


Fairy lights 🙂

883 days to go…

September 30, 2006

Today was an exciting day. Joined an event which brought us to a number of places, including a fish farm (not qian hu – one that is relatively uncommercialised), a bee farm (didn’t know there was one in Singapore), haw par villa and finally macritchie reserviour.

The fish farm was pretty normal. Fish (yes…), nice scenery, nice breeze. Bee farm was ok ok only. Learnt that there is only 1 queen bee in each community and well, after copulation, the drone bees will die. oh well.

Haw Par Villa is still interesting after so long. Shot a few pics. Not as many as I usually do though. Maybe I can go again sometime soon 🙂

Met many people, some interesting, some erm… more reserved bah… hahahahahaha…..


The classical Haw Par Villa shot. How could I miss this?


The pitchfork caught my eye first, followed by the man 🙂




I find this very peaceful, very serene. 🙂

890 days to go…

September 23, 2006

Went to chinatown for the light up today. It was soooooooooooooo exciting!!! 🙂

Saw cute little kids doing their bit (oh so cute!!!). Saw school bands playing crowd pleasers (eg. Chihuahua). Saw old folks waving from a bus. Saw lion dances. Saw dragon dances. Saw fireworks. Saw floats. Saw adults parading and dancing.

Overall, I must say it’s an interesting day! Had quite a lot of fun… and talked to a lot of people. Fellow parade watchers, security detail, passerbys. Somehow, it’s the festive season that brings out the friendliness in people 🙂


Just look at the crowd!


Beautiful butterflies


Pretty performer


Fireworks!!! (Look ma, no tripod!! lol)


Sweet little girl (and no, that’s not coz she offered me the sweet!)


Lion dance 🙂

Dragon Dance 🙂


View from afar 🙂