Decided to extract the list of things to keep things simple 🙂

Let me try to list out some of the things… that I hope to eventually do

  • A – Archery (Done!)
  • B – Blogging (Done! No Link… obviously ;)), Belly Dance (Done!!!), Balloon Sculpting (Done!!!)
  • C –
  • D – Diving (Not yet… not so soon either), Driving (Done!!! sorry… done before the era of blogs…)
  • E – Esperanto (Was pretty good at it at one time)
  • F – Fishing (Tried!!!), Foxtrot (not yet!), French (Not yet)
  • G – Golf (Tried), German (Not yet done)
  • H – Hip Hop (Not Yet Done)
  • I – Inline Blading (Tried)
  • J – Jive(Not yet!)
  • K –
  • L –
  • M – Make up class (Done!!! No post. Too ugly 😉 Don’t wanna scare people LOL)
  • N –
  • O –
  • P – Photography (Done!!!), Pilates (Not yet done), Paso Doble (Not Yet!), Piano (Done!!! as a kid. No post)
  • Q – Quickstep (Not yet!)
  • R – Rumba (Not yet!), Rockclimbing (Done!!!)
  • S – Singing class (Done!!!), Salsa (Done!!!), Samba (Not yet!), Sensual Dance (Not Yet!), Spanish (Not yet)
  • T – Tango (Not yet!)
  • U –
  • V – Viennese Waltz (Not Yet!)
  • W – Wakeboarding (Not yet!), Waltz (Not yet!!)
  • X –
  • Y – Yachting (Done!!!), Yoga (done!!!)
  • Z –



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