okie… I “officially” started again… hee… let’s see how long this round lasts 😛


6 Responses to exercise….

  1. LKY says:

    Today? When? “Not Observable”, “Not Evident”… hahahaha…..

  2. ngc0228 says:

    hmm… everyday lor…

    wait 3 months and I think it would be developing or competent or even exceeding 😛

  3. Patrick says:

    W-H-Y cnnt link?!!! ai ya nvrm la. u know how to find my blog can alrdy. haha. u find my blog thru Gek Mun?

  4. Patrick says:

    haha. the placenta came from NUH. our lecturer used to be the Director of Nursing at NUH. so she managed to get the placenta to our school after the mother gave birth and dont want the placenta.

    Do you know components of the placenta is used in cosmetics suppiles? *shivers*

  5. Patrick says:

    Ahh… yes. it has been 3 years…. no la. i lookvery distraught in the photos caused i have no idea they are gging drinking ltr. So i went in slippers, specs, messy hair, terrible choice of clothes. tsk tsk tsk….

    Rest assure i am still good looking. *wink* haha! =)

  6. ???nwhat EXACTLY is So un-Christian about harry Potter anyway…njust wondering. Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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