Went to WDO as planned 🙂 Fun! But tiring. Now feeling extremely warm and just a little sore. Think it’s like the slogan I always see, reposted below

Running knows when you have cheated on it. But running always takes you back.

Could I modify it to…

Training knows when you have cheated on it. But training always takes you back 😛

Anyway, to take stock…

Very sore: hmm… not really… hopefully it doesn’t come tomorrow

Sore: arms (when I try to raise them up high… must remember not to grab the handles in the MRT tmr) & back (when I try to do something silly like squeeze my back tight)

Slightly sore: Thighs (yes, I admit it… I’ve slacked and I ought to pick it up again soon… like real soon) & tummy

gosh, the kickboxing is good. Maybe I should find out which centre doesn’t require me to do physical combat at some point in time and join it. It’s really good

Anyway, someone asked me recently why I choose to pay to cause myself pain. All I can say is… 

  1. It’s fun. Really! How often do you get to do silly stuff like er… nothing much I wanna repeat here but hmm… a clue would be that it involves a lot of shimmying with like a hundred other women?
  2. It forces me to get off my butt. Did you really for a moment think that I’m really _that_ motivated to really jump ard like an idiot every other night?
  3. It beats shopping. Ok. Correction. It doesn’t beat shopping. But how much shopping you can do? Week in week out? Gets boring u know…
Ok… time to finish a few things before heading off to bed 😛
Akan Datang?
26 Oct GE 10k
2 Nov TNP Big Walk 
7 Dec Stanchart
Still looking for kaki:
22 Nov Muay Thai @ Fitness First, FunkBlitz & StretchFit (I’m more keen on FunkBlitz)
6 Dec Pilates (might not be a good idea… have stanchart the next day)
3 Jan Pilates
10 Jan Aquafit
11 Jan Dance!

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