I know…

August 31, 2008

I should feel happy for her… but for some reason, I don’t.


I’m not mean or horrid or anything (maybe I am, after all), but… I really can’t bring myself to wish her the best….


Cool Web 2.0 tools!

August 24, 2008

the regular web 2.0 tools are so yesteryear…. blogs, wikis, del.icio.us, facebook, friendster… move over… here’s my recommendations!

1. Gabbly.com

Why it’s cool: type gabbly.com/url-of-your-choice and you get a chatroom there. Is that cool or what? So if we wanna chat about something on my webpage, you go to gabbly.com/ngc0228.wordpress.com and tada! You can chat with whoever is there! 🙂

2. ZoooS. http://www.ajaxsketch.com/apps/desktop/content/

Why it’s cool: a non-googledocs alternative that allows you to draw!

3. Gliffy. http://www.gliffy.com/

Why it’s cool: Flowcharts!

4. Backpack. http://www.backpackit.com/tour

Why it’s cool: All in one project management website. Worth exploring.

5. DropSend. http://www.dropsend.com/ & Box. http://www.box.net/

Why it’s cool: You can send up to 1G of files through this system 🙂 Think Box allows embedding of mp3s too!

6. 37 signals. http://www.37signals.com/

Why it’s cool: A collection of useful tools (todo list, address book etc)

7. Airset. http://www.airset.com/

Why it’s cool: company blog and collaboration tool!

8. Zoho. http://zoho.com/

Why it’s cool: Another collaboration platform with many tools. Useful tools for businesses.


Okay… I’m tired… will update again 🙂 Meanwhile, do suggest interesting tools you’ve seen!

corny panda joke

August 24, 2008

What 2 wishes would a panda wish for?

1. to remove its dark eye circles using laser

2. to take a colour photo.


ok… not funny…

Thanks for the concern, people

August 21, 2008

Dear all, it’s with great pleasure that I offer all my dear friends the additional platform of a blog, in addition to that of msn, gtalk, email, sms and phone calls, to express their great concern that I, as a civil servant, should follow PM Lee’s rally call. In particular, section 3 of his English rally, if I remember correctly, since CNA is not cooperating. For those unpatriotic souls who missed the rally and hence haven’t the slightest idea what I’m saying, people, I attach the links below.




Please do use the comment feature below to remind me of the great need to answer to his rally call. Thank you very much.


End of sarcasm. Okay, to be honest, I was surprised so many people care enough to remind me… and to give me suggestions how I can actually respond to his call. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Really. But hor… people… I’ve fielded 6 people in less than 6 days… hee… a bit the overkill leh… 😛

Top X nice things guys have done…

August 10, 2008

Realised this post written long long ago (June 13)… got interrupted and never got back to it… hahaha… decided to post it anyway…


okie… just to balance things out… here’s a list of some nice things guys have done!

Mr Knight

Hmm… why do I call him this? Planned out the day so it’d go smoothly, pulled out my chair and pushed it in. OMG… really quite impressed… too bad we don’t have the fate to even be long-term friends

Mr Considerate

It’s the small little things… to buy a drink for me at the cinema… to offer to carry my things when I needed the washroom (I turned him down… didn’t seem too nice to let someone I barely know carry my stuff)… to basically have me in mind when planning stuff and not just himself

Mr How-do-you-feel-about-this?

Okie… I must say very few guys did this… to have a plan and then to ask me how I felt/thought about the plan… but… it felt pretty good to be asked, even if I have no idea of the answer…

Mr Prepared

He actually went down ahead of time to scout the place out… too bad things didn’t turn out as expected and we didn’t have _that_ much in common to really form a bond

Mr Manners

Thanking the wait-staff, giving the bus driver a nod as a greeting. Signs of a well-bred person, obviously

Mr Fun&Laughter

His jokes are actually funny… serious… he’s game to try stuff… he’s basically fun to be with

Mr Tell-me-about-yourself

Not that I’m a megalomanic, or a narcissist, but it’s good to exchange information and realise that the other person is not planning his witty resort while you are talk

Mr Nice

This is actually abt a gd friend’s fiance… really a nice guy… hahaha… lucky her 🙂

post – NDP reflections

August 10, 2008

It’s not my first time at NDP. Been there and done that a number of times. But… it’s still a number of firsts for me

  • Not feeling very much more patriotic after the whole event. Used to feel really really proud to be a Singaporean after an NDP, with the community singing, the “highness”, the fireworks, the participation. It felt really good to be a part of something bigger than myself. But… honestly, I didn’t get the high. I didn’t feel very proud, didn’t sing our national anthem out loud. A first for me… maybe I AM getting old and jaded?
  • First time watching NDP with PH. Her first time! hee… shared another of her firsts… told her I would be responsible… and she laughed… lovely sound 😛
  • First time walking on esplanade bridge after dark. Normally, can do so during walks and runs early in the morning. Night time… hmm… 
And for those hoping to see pictures… sorry… hahaha… moody… work… pest to get rid of (think a few of you know who I’m referring to… shh…. think she doesn’t know of this site? LOL)