June 29, 2008

IQ Test in facebook: 131

darn… I knew I should have applied to medical school… Guess I gotta improve my IQ to hit the 140s regions then… LOL

Descriptive Classifications of Intelligence Quotients
IQ Description % of Population
130+ Very superior 2.2%
120-129 Superior 6.7%
110-119 High average 16.1%
90-109 Average 50%
80-89 Low average 16.1%
70-79 Borderline 6.7%
Below 70 Extremely low 2.2%

Apparently, the IQ gives a good indication of the occupational group that a person will end up in, though not of course the specific occupation. In their book, Know Your Child’s IQ, Glen Wilson and Diana Grylls outline occupations typical of various IQ levels:

140 Top Civil Servants; Professors and Research Scientists.
130 Physicians and Surgeons; Lawyers; Engineers (Civil and Mechanical)
120 School Teachers; Pharmacists; Accountants; Nurses; Stenographers; Managers.
110 Foremen; Clerks; Telephone Operators; Salesmen; Policemen; Electricians.
100+ Machine Operators; Shopkeepers; Butchers; Welders; Sheet Metal Workers.
100- Warehousemen; Carpenters; Cooks and Bakers; Small Farmers; Truck and Van Drivers.
90 Laborers; Gardeners; Upholsterers; Farmhands; Miners; Factory Packers and Sorters.

We’re featured!

June 29, 2008

Top 100 April Fools Day Hoaxes

#31: PhDs Exempt From China’s One-Child Policy

In 1993 the China Youth Daily, an official state newspaper of China, announced on its front page that the government had decided to make Ph.D. holders exempt from the state-imposed one-child limit. The logic behind this decision was that it would eventually reduce the need to invite as many foreign experts into the country to help with the state’s modernization effort. Despite a disclaimer beneath the story identifying it as a joke, the report was repeated as fact by Hong Kong’s New Evening News and by Agence France-Presse, an international news agency. Apparently what made the hoax seem credible to many was that intellectuals in Singapore are encouraged to marry each other and have children, and China’s leaders are known to have great respect for the Singapore system. The Chinese government responded to the hoax by condemning April Fool’s Day as a dangerous Western tradition. The Guangming Daily, Beijing’s main newspaper for intellectuals, ran an editorial stating that April Fool’s jokes “are an extremely bad influence.” It went on to declare that, “Put plainly, April Fool’s Day is Liar’s Day.”


intellectuals? Hmm… I thought someone said “graduates”??? hmmm hmmmmmm

This week…

June 22, 2008


Tues and Wed I had financial literacy workshop… understand maybe 60%, confident enough to try maybe 5%? Interesting to talk to some of those people though…

Fri I went for boardgames!!!! wahaha… I love boardgames… I absolutely dig board games… but…. it’s so expensive! So… good thing we got a deal! 14 bucks for board games (4 hours) and dinner! 🙂

Played Jenga (yes… and I still hate it, just like I did years ago), blokus (came in 2nd), taboo (the gals lost :()… talked to many people, got to know many friends 🙂 Hopefully some of us will somehow or other stumble upon each other again and remain in contact… hahaha…. think we didn’t exchange contact leh…

Sat met up with K to help her with her homework… hahaha… after that, ran into L and wifey 🙂 Found out from them that quite a few of our friends are now in kumon…. is that such a good place? Saw a burst of fireworks from NDP rehearsal. It made my day…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Last sunday…

June 22, 2008

Anlene run!!! or rather, walk… took 29 min… yes… 29 MIN to get through 1.6km… I’ll let the pictures tell the story…

Staring Point
Jamie Yeo (I think) singing
Flag Off
For young and old! Hippos welcome too!
And just look at that crowd… no wonder we took 29 min…
See, we so dua pai 🙂
The medals 🙂
Anyway, post event was fun! There was a concert, bone scan (pass, but not with flying colours…), hand wax thingy, breakfast, goodie bag! keke… D dear, going again next year?

Last Sat Part 3

June 22, 2008

Lastly, met up with some friends for dinner…

Here’s photos of our food 🙂

Someone’s pizza… ended up like jenga as the 2 ladies sharing it tried not to break the egg yolk

Pizza-salad. She finished half of it
Someone’s baked rice
can’t rem what this is called
Mine!!! dessert 🙂 You can see my lao-kok-kok phone there too!

Last Sat Part 2

June 22, 2008

Went to this crafts fair and walked around in the musuem after that… here’s some pics

My dream guy? 
Yupz… on a car… hahaha…
More pics of the car
Dream dream dream…
I wonder why, I wonder how
Anyway, nice car, honestly… I wonder how much it cost to get your car done up like that?
This guy stood at the entrance of some musuem I think. Very good, as he gave me a fright when I walked past and heard some guy speaking from the rock…
Fort Canning
Fort Canning
And back to the musuem!
Interesting wall you see when walking down from the rear entrance
Visitor services?
Yupz, visitor services
And what is this?
Shaking Hands
Another Hunk
Can’t you see I’m on the phone?
Mr Fusion
Where is this?
Big Foot
Big Foot, Little Girl?
Back View (Nice butt? LOL)
Close up
My Favourite

Last Saturday :) (Part 1)

June 22, 2008

yupz… was bz most of this week.. can only post now… anyway,


This is about how Suneo shows everyone a fossil of a dinosaur claw and angry that he didn’t get a look, Nobita claims that he will be able to find a whole live dinosaur. Panicking, Nobita researches on dinosaurs and starts digging in a hill. But then, the landlord shouts at him and makes him dig a hole in the ground. Nobita unearths a ball of soil, shaped like an egg. Using time wrap, he returns the soil into its former form and plans to hatch the egg. A dinosaur with a long neck comes out, one he names Pisuke. Suneo and Gian look for him but because Pisuke is too small, Nobita doesn’t show them and instead makes a deal with them. If he cannot show them a real dinosaur, he would have to eat spaggheti through his nose. Pisuke grows too big and has to retire to the lake. He is seen and before Nobita has a chance to show Gian and Suneo, he is forced to take Pisuke back to his home. Gian and Suneo chase after Nobita and even Shizuka doesn’t believe him. Angry, he begs Doraemon to show Pisuke to them and realise that the dinosaur is in danger, as they brought him to the wrong place. They run to the time machine to fetch him. The time machine breaks and so, they use the copter to travel, day and night. Then, they are cornered by dinosaur hunters from the future, who want to take Pisuke from him. They say they will consider it and during the night, they make clay figures of themselves, put into clay cars controlled by a remote. The next day, their plan is discovered, Shizuka, Gian and Suneo are captured. Doraemon and Nobita rush to save them and all five have to face being eaten by a ferocious tyrannisaurus rex. As he nears, they realise that this was one of the tame dinosaurs and chase the bad guys with the dinosaur. Shizuka, Suneo and Gian run into police, who put the bad guys behind bars. Pisuke is taken to the right place and all five of them go home.


OMG, I LOVE doraemon… specifically, I love his pocket… basically, this is show that’s suitable for all ages… I guess we can all relate to a time when we felt left out of things or wish that we could have a fairy god mother (or cat, in this case) to solve our problems… 

Was pretty surprised to hear a little kid (the audience comprised of mainly kids and their parents) cry when Nobita and Pisuke had to be separated. Was pretty touching… but… hmm… that touching?

Evidence I watched yet another kiddy show?

And yes, it’s free!