May 16, 2008

Went for Korean class… luckily it’s an FOC class… coz I didn’t understand what’s going on! Haiz… major morale destroyer… Imagine! A linguistics student who can’t follow a beginner’s language class! Anyway, left early coz I had skipped dinner… and was so totally hungry and went for a walk along Singapore river and wow… the memories came flooding back.

Walking from Fullerton, I saw the boys playing along the river. Always like this sculpture and learnt last year that it was supposed to touch the water, but the material wasn’t rust resistant (or something like that) so it was higher than the highest water level at high tide.

Also saw the 3 cats. Very nice!!! I used to see some kitties enjoy the close intimacy with those of their own kind.

Looking at the bumboats, I remembered taking the bumboat ride with Eunice and some other friends. Looking at the boats, I remember taking the boat from clarke quay and going all the way down to the merlion and getting some splashes of water from the merlion!

Looking at people sitting along the river, be it as lovers, friends or just simply alone, I remember chatting with various friends while seated along the river, sharing our aspirations and hopes and dreams for the future, thinking about our shared past, planning our shared futures, enjoying the breeze.

As I walked past South Bridge Road, I remember seeing fireworks in the reflection in the glass panels on the buildings. I remember cussing at myself for being so blur and leaving like 5 min before the fireworks started and shooting fireworks as reflected in the glass. Somehow, those pictures turned out ok.

Walking past Minds Cafe and Settler’s Cafe, I remember playing games there with Vivienne, Ah Bao, Wing Meng and Ann, as well as with Corrine, Peck Ha, Yuan Peng, Herbert, Jason, Gin Wai and Yan Zai. I miss those days of fun and laughter with them, but wishing doesn’t bring them back, I guess.

Getting near Chinatown MRT, I remember the days of salsa with Angela, Melissa, Sean and Wei Zhong. Dancing and then going to Mac / the dessert shop.  I remember going to Millenia Walk to practice dancing with Angela and Melissa. I also remember meeting with Xiao Si and Yulin for dinner at the indian food place and running into Mr Kan and his child while waiting for them. I also remember going down to shoot there. Having shot there for 3 years, CNY is definitely linked with Chinatown for me!

I remember taking an urban walk all the way till Md Sultan area to visit the temple, Hong San See. It’s a beautiful temple with beautiful architecture. Further, I remember the Gallery Hotel with its beautiful windows and the colourful bridge that we sometimes see in guidebooks and postcards.

Hmm… a short walk lasting less than 30 minutes brought back many memories with me. Anyone interested in taking more urban walks with me?