May 31, 2008

finally signed up for skating classes… but I’ll start only on 21 June. Why? I have runs scheduled till 15th lor… and I decided… it’s better to play hooky towards the end… LOL… and yes, my dear xinyi, it’s skating 🙂 yupz… I got it


things to do this year

May 19, 2008

1. Learn blading
2. Learn spanish
3. Shoot more (carried forward from last year)

  • SBG
  • Southern Ridge
  • Sentosa
  • macritchie
  • ubin
  • changi boardwalk
  • istana
  • changi chapel
  • mt faber
  • kranji war memorial
  • sun yat sen villa
  • fort canning
  • new SHM
  • shuang lin si
  • haw par villa
  • St John Island
  • pierce boardwalk
  • sungei buloh
  • zoo
  • NTU
  • NUS
  • my dad’s office
  • Senoko Fishery Port
  • Jurong Fishery Port
  • Sunset Way
  • Canopy Walk
  • Bt Chandu / Kent Ridge Park
  • Kranji Countryside
  • Farmart
  • ECP
  • Bedok Reservoir

movies I wanna watch!

May 18, 2008
  1. Accuracy of Death – Now showing
  2. Unknown – 29 May 2008
  3. The fox and the child – 29 May 2008
  4. Sex and the City – 29 May 2008
  5. Kungfu Panda – 6 June 2008
  6. Twenty-one – 26 June 2008
  7. Wall.E – 28 Aug 2008

Dance of the Dragon

May 18, 2008

Jason Scott Lee (Dragon – The Bruce Lee Story), Korean heartthrob Jang Hyuk (Windstruck, Volcano High), and Singapore’s A-list artiste Fann Wong (Shanghai Knights, Just Follow Law) star in Dance of the Dragon, a modern day tale of love, passion, courage and hope, with the demanding and visually stunning disciplines of ballroom dancing and martial arts woven into the plot.

Asian-American Hollywood actor Jason Scott Lee plays the role of Cheng, a former martial arts champion. His relationship with Emi (played by Singapore’s top actress Fann Wong) is threatened by the arrival of Tae (Jang Hyuk) whom Emi mentors in dance. Soon, student and mentor appear to develop feelings for each other, leading to a showdown that will resolve the passionate love triangle.

Dance and martial arts are pivotal to the films storyline. Ballroom dancing is Tae’s lifelong dream and through Emi, he can develop this craft. Tae must also face in a martial arts challenge with the loser leaving Singapore – and Emi.

Some thoughts

  • Why is Fann Wong’s character named after a cake shop?
  • Which part of SG is it filmed in? Seems to be in modern SG if we follow the storyline
  • Why did it take the 2 of them weeks to learn the little bit of paso doble (I think) shown in the movie? Read in the papers they put in weeks of 8 hr trainings… pengz….
  • What sort of martial arts competition is it that the 2 of them don’t fight each other but just do parallel moves? 


May 16, 2008

Went for Korean class… luckily it’s an FOC class… coz I didn’t understand what’s going on! Haiz… major morale destroyer… Imagine! A linguistics student who can’t follow a beginner’s language class! Anyway, left early coz I had skipped dinner… and was so totally hungry and went for a walk along Singapore river and wow… the memories came flooding back.

Walking from Fullerton, I saw the boys playing along the river. Always like this sculpture and learnt last year that it was supposed to touch the water, but the material wasn’t rust resistant (or something like that) so it was higher than the highest water level at high tide.

Also saw the 3 cats. Very nice!!! I used to see some kitties enjoy the close intimacy with those of their own kind.

Looking at the bumboats, I remembered taking the bumboat ride with Eunice and some other friends. Looking at the boats, I remember taking the boat from clarke quay and going all the way down to the merlion and getting some splashes of water from the merlion!

Looking at people sitting along the river, be it as lovers, friends or just simply alone, I remember chatting with various friends while seated along the river, sharing our aspirations and hopes and dreams for the future, thinking about our shared past, planning our shared futures, enjoying the breeze.

As I walked past South Bridge Road, I remember seeing fireworks in the reflection in the glass panels on the buildings. I remember cussing at myself for being so blur and leaving like 5 min before the fireworks started and shooting fireworks as reflected in the glass. Somehow, those pictures turned out ok.

Walking past Minds Cafe and Settler’s Cafe, I remember playing games there with Vivienne, Ah Bao, Wing Meng and Ann, as well as with Corrine, Peck Ha, Yuan Peng, Herbert, Jason, Gin Wai and Yan Zai. I miss those days of fun and laughter with them, but wishing doesn’t bring them back, I guess.

Getting near Chinatown MRT, I remember the days of salsa with Angela, Melissa, Sean and Wei Zhong. Dancing and then going to Mac / the dessert shop.  I remember going to Millenia Walk to practice dancing with Angela and Melissa. I also remember meeting with Xiao Si and Yulin for dinner at the indian food place and running into Mr Kan and his child while waiting for them. I also remember going down to shoot there. Having shot there for 3 years, CNY is definitely linked with Chinatown for me!

I remember taking an urban walk all the way till Md Sultan area to visit the temple, Hong San See. It’s a beautiful temple with beautiful architecture. Further, I remember the Gallery Hotel with its beautiful windows and the colourful bridge that we sometimes see in guidebooks and postcards.

Hmm… a short walk lasting less than 30 minutes brought back many memories with me. Anyone interested in taking more urban walks with me?

things to do & things I wanna do

May 9, 2008

Things to do

– pack room
– pack computer
– pack wardrobe
– relearn software
*word marco
*video editing
*HTML and web editors
*hot potatoes
*photo editing
*mind manager

Gosh… really quite a lot!

Things I wanna do

– learn blading!
– learn spanish!
– learn bridge!
– run more often!

anyone int?

May 6, 2008

This is the lot at picturehouse. heard there’s another bunch at alliance francoise. Anyone keen?


Tickets are at $10 each and will be available from 24 April online and also at The Picturehouse Box Office located at Level 5 of The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, Singapore 229233.
Concession tickets at $9 are available for Singapore Film Society members only, upon presentation of valid membership card at The Picturehouse Box Office. Only one concession ticket is valid per membership card, per screening.


AUSTRIA: My Father, My Wife and My Mistress

Screening on SUNDAY 11 May @ 7.15pm
M18 (Scenes of Intimacy)
Michael Kreihsl

synopsisMaximilian is a greedy, cold and unscrupulous doctor but at the same time a charming and risk-loving genius. His son Ernst on the other hand, continually strives to give his best but always seems to be at the losing end. He is forced into marriage by Vally, a streetwise and unscrupulous former maid of his parents’, who is carrying his child. Ernst’s true love, the beautiful countess Eveline, claims to be pregnant by him – but when the baby turns out not to be his after all. Joining the army and returning home to take care of his ailing father, who has suffered a stroke, he takes over his practice and reunites with Vally who cares touchingly for the motherless infant he left behind.


BELGIUM: The Ice Rink

Screening on SATURDAY 10 May @ 7.40pm
NC16 (Some Nudity)
Jean-Philippe Toussaint

synopsisA film director is shooting a highly symbolic film called ‘Dolores’ at an ice rink. He has hired a Lithuanian ice hockey team with which he is having enormous communication problems. His actors all have inflated egos, his film crew is made up of fools, and there is a politician on his back. But he must finish the film, no matter what, in time for the Venice Film Festival. A black comedy which is applicable to all absurd situations of life, but particularly those associated with the film industry, La Patinoire is a clever satire from beginning to end.
EXCLUSIVE Q&A session with Director Jean-Phillippe Toussaint after the Film Screening at The Picturehouse Lounge, Level 5. Free & Open to public. Please RSVP your place at

BELGIUM: La SÉvillane

Screening on THURSDAY 8 May @ 7.30pm
Jean-Philippe Toussaint

synopsisA young man is charmed by his driving teacher and her father. They spend an afternoon together–including an interlude at the young woman’s flamenco dance lesson–and decide to take a trip to London in the training car.


Screening on SUNDAY 11 May @ 9.10pm
NC16 (Sexual references)
Jan Sverak

synopsisEmpties, is an intelligent, sophisticated bitter comedy about a man facing old age Secondary school teacher Tkaloun unwillingly goes into retirement. Instead of a peaceful family life he chooses part-time job in a supermarket at the bottle-return counter. The exciting new world that he creates there however leaves less and less room for his wife, Eliska, and she of course has no intention of getting used to it.

denmark: we shall overcome

Screening on MONDAY 12 May @ 7.30pm
Niels Arden Oplev

synopsis13-year-old Frits has fallen out of favour with the headmaster of his provincial school. The year is 1969. The world is changing rapidly and corporal punishment has been banned. The tyrannical headmaster, however, hasn’t bothered to notice. Frits spends his summer holidays watching the family’s first television, and is influenced by the winds of change. Martin Luther King’s speeches and dreams of a better life have armoured Frits with courage and the desire for rebellion. When the headmaster steps over the line during punishing Frits, the boy takes up battle against the authorities.



Screening on WEDNESDAY 14 May @ 9.20pm
Franck Apprederis

synopsisCleverly mixing fact and fiction, this film is set between the day of Robert Schuman’s declaration, and when Jean Monnet was appointed president of the European coal and steel community’s governing body, the forerunner of today’s EU. It was also the wedding day of a young Franco-German couple, Marie and Jürgen. The constant interplay between these two aspects mirrors the difficulties at that time of overcoming the obstacles to reconciliation between the two European nations. Dealing with the birth of modern Europe, the film shows us the extent of the struggle by men and women on either side of the Rhine that led to the peace and freedom we enjoy today.
Tickets available for collection from 24 April at The Picturehouse Box Office (Counter 1), Level 5, The Cathay Cineplex. Limited to a maximum of 2 tickets per person. While stocks last.


Screening on THURSDAY 15 May @ 9.30pm
NC16 (Brief Nudity)
Claes Olsson

synopsisBased on Lars Sund´s novels the film’s storyline is based in the early years of Finland’s independence. When Hanna is little, she and her mother are forced to leave their home island in the Bothnia archipelago after Hanna´s father drowns at sea. Hanna becomes a hired girl at the Smeds´ house. She starts to save money to go to America. In 1893, at the age of 18, she travels to the Unites States and Colorado, determined to make money in the Great West. Ten years later in 1905, Hanna returns to her home village Siklax with her son Otto and daughter Ida, but without a husband. With her American dollars she buys a parcel of rocky land and opens a country store. The store becomes the village centre and the local people begin to respect the industrious Hanna.

germany: Fata Morgana

Screening on WEDNESDAY 14 May @ 7.30pm
M18 (Scene of Intimacy)
Simon Groß

synopsisDuring their vacation in Morocco, Daniel and Laura, a young couple, decide to take a day trip through the Sahara desert on their own. But soon, the inexperienced desert travelers notice that they have completely lost their way. In panic, they try to find the way back to the city – but to no avail. Then, all of a sudden, a mysterious French man appears and offers them to give them directions to Agadir. But on the way to Agadir, Daniel and Laura soon realize that there is something wrong with the enigmatic stranger.

GREECE: One Day in August

Screening on THURSDAY 15 May @ 7.30pm
NC16 (Nudity & Coarse Language)
Constantinos Giannaris

synopsisEvery summer we have to escape… make this journey. August in Athens. A time to escape. In the city center, the residents of an apartment block prepare to get away. Their final summer escape. In the blistering summer heat they journey to different parts of the Greek mainland. A journey that will unsettle their lives and bring them face-to-face with critical choices. In their absence a 17 year-old burglar on the run from the police invades the empty apartment block. There he finds a refuge from the outside world and through his prying eyes we uncover the secret lives of the main characters. Four parallel stories, conflicting takes on everyday life and the small everyday miracles that will unsettle the lives of our heroes…

HUNGARY: The EmigrÉ – Everything is Different

Screening on FRIDAY 16 May @ 7.30pm
NC16 (Some Nudity)
István Dárday, Györgyi Szalai

synopsisA film about writer Sándor Márai’s last years of self chosen exile. The “story” starts in Naples with the memories of Márai’s and Lola’s youth and ends at the secluded world of loneliness in San Diego. Escaping from dictatorships and writing only in his mother tongue, the writer not only dissociates himself from post-1947 Hungary physically, but he even refuses to have his works published there as long as the boots of a single Russian soldier trample on his homeland’s soil. Often invited to return to be rehabilitated, but the uncompromising writer keeps his vow.It is the tragedy of Márai’s fate that he commits suicide just half a year before the change of regime, all alone, having lost his wife and son.

HUNGARY: Fresh Air

Screening on SATURDAY 17 May @ 7.40pm
Ágnes Kocsis

synopsisViola is still a beautiful woman. Angéla is ashamed of her mother. Communication between them has become almost impossible. They are together only to watch their favourite television series; they never miss an episode. Probably, in secret, they both are in love with the protagonist. Viola works where no one else wants to. She is looking for a real man whom she could love. Angéla would like to design nice dresses. She desires something different. Another life. Fresh air.

IRELAND: Inside I’m Dancing

Screening on FRIDAY 16 May @ 9.30pm
NC16 (Course Language)
Damien O’Donnell

synopsisLIVE LIFE LIKE YOU MEAN IT. Michael is a twenty four year long-term resident of Carrigmore Residential Home for the Disabled. His life is transformed when the maverick Rory O’Shea moves in. Michael is stunned to discover that fast talking Rory, who can move only his right hand, can understand his almost unintelligible speech. Rory’s dynamic and rebellious nature soon sparks a flame in Michael, introducing him to a whole new world outside of Carrigmore.

ITALY: Grazing

Screening on FRIDAY 9 May @ 9pm
PG (Some Sexual References)
Angelo Orlando

synopsisPaolo is a famous 40-year-old photographer. Despite his age, Paolo refuses to settle down. He does not want to love exclusively one woman, he switches from one lover to another and behaves like a curious child wanting to understand more about emotions. Céline is 28 years old. She is an italo-french actress who has a 10-year-old daughter but who is divorced from her husband. Paolo and Céline both live in Rome in two nearby neighbourhoods and have common friends. Their paths keep crossing although they never notice each other. They are too busy with their daily lives, their problems and their dramas so they never manage to really meet. Will they ever realize they might be each other’s one true love?


Screening on FRIDAY 9 May @ 7.30pm
Engelbert Grech

synopsisDuring World War II, the tiny island of Malta was the most bombed place on earth. Young pilots were sent to defend it, and despite the overwhelming odds, they achieved incredible success. They hailed from every corner of the world, Britain, Canada, The United States, Australia and New Zealand. They were unique, a breed of their own who made a fine art out of fighting in the sky. With no strict rules, Malta was the right place for them to experiment and develop their raw talents. With their unconventional methods these pilots shot down Hitler’s hopes of conquering North Africa and paved the way for the liberation of south Europe.

POLAND: What the Sun Has Seen

Screening on SATURDAY 10 May @ 9.30pm
Michal Rosa

synopsisThree individuals: young Sebastian, a teenage Marta, and a fifty-something Józef don’t know each other, but their fates are tied together because of a common need – the need to raise a small, but at the moment indispensable, amount of money. In the process of fulfilling this need, they fight to maintain their dignity in tact and their dreams alive.

ROMANIA: California Dreamin

Screening on TUESDAY 13 May @ 9pm
M18 (Sexual Scene)
Cristian Nemescu

synopsisKosovo War, 1999. In a small Romanian village, the chief of the railway station, who also happens to be a local gangster, stops a NATO train transporting military equipment. The two American officers are in charge of the transport only have verbal approval from the Romanian government for their journey. They are without official documents. Their arrival in this small village dramatically changes its landscape.


SPAIN: Un Franco, 14 Pesetas

Screening on THURSDAY 8 May @ 9.20pm
NC16 (Some Nudity)
Carlos Iglesias

synopsisSpain, 1960. Two friends named Martin and Marcos decide to look for jobs in Switzerland. They leave their families behind and head off on their journey to the free, progressive part of Europe. They adapt to very different way of life there, working as mechanics at a factory and living in a small industrial town. The arrival of Martin´s wife Pilar and son Pablo, and Marcos´girlfriend, marks the end of their bachelor life. Martin and Pilar´s everyday life is their work, while little Pablo starts going to school and making the new place his home. When Martin´s father dies, they realize they’ve already go what they went there for and it´s time to return. Much to their susprise, going home is much harder than leaving was.


SWEDEN: Kidz In Da Hood

Screening on SATURDAY 17 May @ 2.10pm
NC16 (Some Sexual References)
Ylva Gustavsson, Catti Edfeldt

synopsisKidz in da Hood is the gripping and warm story of Amina who came to Sweden with her grandfather three years ago. Amina has not yet received her residency permit and when her grandfather dies everything comes to a head. She’s temporarilly hiding out with pierced and tattooed rocker Johan who lives in a worn-down suburb. The wild girl Mirre lives on the same floor as Amina and together they begin fighting for Amina to stay in Sweden and live with Johan.


SWEDEN: A Breach In The Wall

Screening on SATURDAY 10 May @ 2.10pm
NC16 (Some Nudity & Sexual References)
Jimmy Karlsson

synopsisLars Herdin, supply teacher, regains his lust for life when he realizes that one of his pupils is a math genius. He offers Jonny private lessons for him to be able to start studying at the university. A joyful friendship starts, but Herdin doesn’t realize that Jonny’s class travel creates new voids. And neither does he realize that Jonny’s girlfriend, Claire, falls in love with him.


UK: Hallam Foe

Screening on TUESDAY 13 May @ 9pm
David Mackenzie

synopsisHallam Foe is a darkly funny, bittersweet and kinky coming of age story about a 17-year-old misfit. Hallam is almost over the sudden death of his mother when he begins to suspect that his beautiful step mother may have had a hand in her death, and it doesn’t help that Hallam fancies her rotten. After a confrontation with his step mum, Hallam escapes to Edinburgh. Out of money and out of friends, he finds his tree-top skills well suited to the rooftops of the city, where he lives ferally, attempting to avoid the perils of the streets below and becoming obsessed with a gorgeous girl who happens to look just like his mother.



Date Time Film Title Country Rating
Thursday 8 May 7.30pm La Sévillane Belgium NC16
  9.20pm Un Franco, 14 Pesetas Spain NC16 (Some Nudity)
Friday 9 May 7.30pm Heroes in the Sky Malta PG
  9pm Grazing (Sfiorarsi) Italy PG (Some Sexual References)
Saturday 10 May 2.10pm A Breach In The Wall (Sprickorna | Muren) Sweden NC16 (Some Nudity & Sexual References)
  7.40pm The Ice Rink (La Patinoire) Belgium NC16 (Some Nudity)
  9.30pm What The Sun Has Seen (Co Slonko Widzialo) Poland To Be Advised
Sunday 11 May 7.15pm My Father, My Wife and My Mistress (Mein Vater, meine Frau und meine Geliebte) Austria M18 (Scenes of Intimacy)
  9.10pm Empties (Vratne lahve) Czech Republic NC16 (Sexual References)
Monday 12 May 7.30pm We Shall Over Come (Drommen) Denmark PG
Tuesday 13 May 9pm California Dreamin (Nesfarsit) Romania M18 (Sexual Scene)
Wednesday 14 May 7.30pm Fata Morgana Germany M18 (Scene of Intimacy)
  9.20pm After Years of Hate (Nous nous sommes tant haïs) EC Delegation PG
Thursday 15 May 7.30pm One Day in August (Dekapentagoustos) Greece NC16 (Nudity & Coarse Language)
  9.30pm Colorado Avenue Finland NC16 (Brief Nudity)
Friday 16 May 7.30pm The Emigré – Everything is Different (Az emigráns – Minden másképp van) Hungary NC16 (Some Nudity)
  9.30pm Inside I’m Dancing Ireland NC16 (Course Language)
Saturday 17 May 2.10pm Kidz In Da Hood (Förortsungar) Sweden NC16 (Some Sexual References)
  7.40pm Fresh Air (Friss Levegö) Hungary PG