If you grew up in the 80s

September 30, 2007

You grew up watching He-man, MASK, Transformers, Silver Hawk and Mickey Mouse, Ninja turtles, Carebears, Robocop, My Little Pony and Smurfs. (check!)

You grew up brushing your teeth with a mug in Primary school during recess time. You would squat by a drain with all your classmates beside you, and brush your teeth with a coloured mug. (check!)

You hated or loved the school nurse (she was either pretty or mean).

You know what SBC stands for. (check!)

You paid 40 cents for cartons of Chocolate or Strawberry milk every week in class. (check!)

Everyone’s wallet used to be the velcro type

It was cool to have pagers in primary school

SBS buses used to be non-airconditioned. The bus seats are made of wood and the cushion were red. The big red bell gave a loud BEEP! when pressed.  (check!)

There were still bus tickets and bus conductors would come up to check them. (check!)

Envelopes were given to us to donate to Sharity Elephant every Children’s Day. (check!)

You’ve probably read Young Generation magazine.You know who’s Vinny the little vampire and Acai the constable. (check!)

You know what PETS are and the hidden animals in all the text pages. You hated penmanship.

Writing lines and caning hands were common, esp if you failed chinese spelling (caning was actually allowed. no shit). (check!)

You were there when they first introduced the MRT here. You went for the first ride with your parents and you would kneel on the seat to see the scenery. (check!)

Movie tickets used to cost only $3.50. (check!)

Gals were fascinated by Strawberry Short Cake and Barbie Dolls. (check!)

You learn to laugh like The Count in Sesame Street.

You bought tidbits called beebee (20 cents per pack, 10 cents in MGS), and mamee (30 cents), that had a different sticker in it every time.

You carried a lunch box to school but either threw away the food or brought it back home again.

You watched TV2 (also known as Channel 10) cartoons because Channel 5 never had enough cartoons for you.

Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, The Three Investigators, Famous Five and Secret Seven were probably the thickest story books you thought you would ever read. (check!)

KFC used to be a high class restaurant that served food in plates and had metal forks and knives. (check!)

The most vulgar thing you said was asshole and idiot and THE MOST EXTREME WAS ‘chicken pie’…you just couldn’t bring yourself to say the hokkien translation.

Catching and pepsi-cola was the IN thing, and twist was the magic word.

Your English workbooks were made of some poor quality paper that was smooth and yellow. (check!)

You came to school 15 mins before the bell every morning just so you could copy someone’s homework.

CDIS was your best friend.

The only computer lessons in school involved funny pixellized characters in 16 colours walking about trying to teach you math. (check!)

Waterbottles were slung around your neck and a must everywhere you went. (check!)

Boys loved to play soccer with small stones or tennis balls in the basketball court. (check!)

Girls played five stones and boys played with marbles. (check!)

Science was fun with the Balsam and the Angsana being the most important plants of our lives, guppies and swordtail being the most important fishes. (check!)

Who can forget Ahmad, Bala, Sumei and John, immortalized in our minds from school textbooks.  (check!)

We conducted experiments of our own to get badges for being a Young Zoologist/Botanist etc. (check!)

Every Children’s day and National day you either got pins or pens with ‘Happy Children’s Day 1993’ or useless plastic files with ‘Happy National Day 1994’. (check!)

You wore BM2000, BATA, or Pallas shoes. (check! Mine were from bata)

Your form teacher taught you Maths, Science and English. (check! that was in primary school…)

You went to school in slippers and a raincoat when it rained, and you find a dry spot in the school to sit down, dry your feet, and wear your dry and warm socks and shoes.

There would be spelling tests and mental sums to do almost everyday. (check!)

Your friends considered you lucky and rich if your parents gave you $2 or more for pocket money everyday. (check!)

You saw Wee Kim Wee’s face in the school hall. (check!)

Boys liked catching fighting spiders, earthworms or tadpoles. (check!)

Collecting and battling erasers was a pastime for boys. (check!)

Class monitors and prefects loved to say, “You talk somemore, I write your name ah!” (check!)

You got booked for muddy shoes in class. (check!)

There were at least 40 people in one class. (check!)

You brought every single book to school, even though there was a timetable. (check!)

There was a pro-yo/bumblebee, digimon craze at some point in time.


weekend post….

September 30, 2007

fri: Janice’s and Ivan’s wedding!
sat: shopping with ping and movie with D, J and TS
sun: marking… what else… oh yes… sleep!

Friday met up with some friends at Janice’s and Ivan’s wedding dinner!  Saw LS, S, B, Viv, ah bao there… hahaha… good lah… had a lot of laughter… a lot of fun admiring the beautiful bride and the handsome groom!! The food was good too… but hor… I stopped after the 6th or 7th dish… sleeping time and full house liaoz… really late lor…. reached home ard midnight…  and my mum had to call to remind me that I shouldn’t delay my turn on my way home somemore… aiyoh…

Saturday was fun!!! shopping… with ping is always always fun!! Chit-chat, gossip, look at things… ah… how I miss the good old days… but we’re like 10 years from the time we first met… then went to watch “No Reservations”… NUS Biz Sch event… D is alumni, so we got to watch it at 5 bucks with dinner, popcorn and drinks thrown in…  cheap hor!!!

To be very frank, it’s not a movie I would recommend… very simply coz… nothing much sticks in my mind bah… it’s a funny romantic comedy….

Kate (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is the master chef at the trendy 22 Bleecker Street Restaurant in Manhattan. She runs her kitchen at a rapid pace as she coordinates the making and preparing of all the fantastic meals and personally displays the food to perfection on every dish. She intimidates everyone around her, so her boss sends her to therapy. Kate hates to leave the kitchen when a customer wants to compliment her on one of her special dishes, but she is ready to leave the kitchen in a second when a customer insults her cooking. Kates sister is killed in a car accident and her nine-year old daughter Zoe moves in with Kate. With all of Kates problems, the boss hires a new chef to join the staff. Nick is a rising star in his own right and could be the head chef of another restaurant, but he wants to work under Kate. Kate begins to feel threatened by Nick, because he has a different style of running the kitchen. Nick loves to listen to opera when he cooks and to make the staff laugh. With all that is going on in Kates life, falling for a man is the last thing she was looking for. There is some kind of chemistry between Kate and Nick that can only go one way. Yet life will hit her in the head when Kates boss offers Nick the head chef job.

Okay, since I think the run is ending, I’ll tell you the ending… they have a Kate, Nick and Zoe’s bistro… selling pancakes… hahaha….

Nice Quotes:

Nick: Zoe, I am now going to kiss your aunt.
Zoe: [covers her eyes] This is so embarrassing.

[from trailer]
Rare Steak Man: I said I want my steak rare.
Kate: [slams a raw steak onto the table] Rare enough for ya?

Kate: [leans her head on the couch, thinking Nick is going to kiss her]
Nick: Your leaning on my scarf.
Kate: [embarassed] Oh my, yah.

Therapist: Kids like fishsticks…
Kate: I can’t believe I’m actually paying for these suggestions.

Kate: [about Nick] You bring in a sous chef from an Italian restaurant and I’m the one in therapy?

Therapist: Kate, I’m sure you will be able to prevent the worst from happening.
Kate: And that would be?
Therapist: That he will tolerate you for any length of time.

Kate: I know I’m doing everything wrong, but I promise you that I will always be here for you.
Zoe: [pause] Kate? You’re not doing *everything* wrong.

Zoe: [while waiting for Nick to arrive] He’s late… Men!

Kate: Oh, I see you’ve brought something to read to Zoe.
Charlotte: It’s for my thesis… rapidly mutating deadly viruses.10 Reasons to watch the show:

1. Zoe is very very cute
2. Kate is pretty!
3. Nick is cute and hunky (I think) despite his unshaven look… or maybe it’s because of it!
4. The scene where Nick persuades Zoe to eat is classic!
5. Zoe’s soft toys… need I say more?
6. I need to say more… I love the giraffe!!
7. The pillow fight scene
8. Scenes with the therapist
9. Kate walking out with the slab of raw meat and pulling the table cloth off the table
10. the food!!!


518 days to go…

September 30, 2007

for someone… you know who you are… who had to ask 😉

something that made me cry today…

September 24, 2007

“Have You Ever?”

Have you ever loved somebody so much
It makes you cry
Have you ever needed something so bad
You can’t sleep at night
Have you ever tried to find the words
But they don’t come out right
Have you ever, have you ever

Have you ever been in love
Been in love so bad
You’d do anything to make them understand
Have you ever had someone steal your heart away
You’d give anything to make them feel the same
Have you ever searched for words to get you in their heart
But you don’t know what to say
And you don’t know where to start

Have you ever found the one
You’ve dreamed of all of your life
You’d do just about anything to look into their eyes
Have you finally found the one you’ve given your heart to
Only to find that one won’t give their heart to you
Have you ever closed your eyes and
Dreamed that they were there
And all you can do is wait for the day when they will care

What do I gotta do to get you in my arms baby
What do I gotta say to get to your heart
To make you understand how I need you next to me
Gotta get you in my world
‘Cuz baby I can’t sleep

1 year, 3 months…

September 23, 2007

gosh… one year, 3 months down… let’s take stock… keke… my report card so far…


Resolution: to make full use of the next 1000 days till I turn 29

Destination 1: To meet more pple
How: Attend more talks, gatherings, events.
Progress checker: calendar, no of long-term contacts

Progress: I guess I’ve been trying hard to attend more courses, talks and events bah…

Destination 2: To learn more about the world
How: read, attend courses, talk to people
Progress checker: no of book/courses

Progress: I read a lot… novels, non-fiction etc…


Short Term Goals:

  • Learn another language – Malay or German or sign language or Jap or Korean?
    Progress: opps… not started…
  • Practice more translation
    Progress: opps… not started again…
  • Learn a new sport – Yoga? Tennis? Dance? Relearn Table Tennis? Windsurf?Kayak? Rockclimbing?
    Progress: Yoga bah… and salsa and belly dance… life’s been interesting…
  • Learn more cooking
    Progress: er… occasional cook lah…. haahahaha…
  • Get involved in voluntary service again
    Progress: Not really…
  • Read more
    Progress: yupz!!! still love to read!
  • Learn to manage time better
    Progress: humph… still staying up…
  • Learn to say no
    Progress: humph… liddat lor…
  • Make more friends, through hobbies, interests or juz somehow ;)
    Progress: yupz… events, hobbies, friends’ friends, courses etc… all good ways to meet new friends

Long Term Goals:

  • Be conversant in both esperanto and the new language chosen
    Progress: nope… haven’t read any esperanto for a long time…
  • Pick up translation formally. Get a cert and do free lance work
    Progress: maybe next year?
  • Be able to play a new sport socially. (ie. not my badminton style where whoever playing with me can watch me pick up shuttlecocks)
    Progress: er… yoga sessions whenever I can find sessions… hahaha… haven’t dance in a long while too…
  • Cook regularly for family and maybe close friends (who have topped up their insurance)
    Progress: no one topped up their insurance yet… hahaha
  • Be committed to something I love. Work with children again? Or maybe something else?
    Progress: I love dancing. I love yoga. I love photography. ’nuff said
  • Acquire more knowledge. Don’t have to be an expert, but enough to converse somewhat intelligently about most topics
    Progress: Been trying to read on fashion, local stuff, photography, fitness, finance, management, self-improvement etc…
  • Accomplish the items on my other blog (if you don’t already know where it is, erm, I guess you’re not supposed to know? lolz)
    Progress: er… can’t tell u… LOL
  • Get married when the right person comes along… kekeke… ;)
    Progress: far far away…………… hahahaha…..

Verdict? I’m glad 29 and 30 is still quite far.. long way to go… many new things to try… 🙂


September 23, 2007

It’s been a crazy crazy week… courses, meeting up with friends, etc…

Anyway, Thur, Fri and Sat were fun…

Thur – new series of yoga!!! 🙂 finally… must master it this time round…

Fri – went course, then went to meet up with a couple of friends… makan-ed at fish&co… the food was so-so… the service… hmm… in the spirit of hrc (if u don’t know what it is, u’re blessed, so don’t ask, yeah?)… there’s room for improvement… I mean… erm… wrong orders, incompletely dressed food, asking for the bill 3 times… hmmm….. went to jalan along esplanade and walked to clarke quay to see the MAF lights 🙂 nice!!! but… I didn’t bring my camera… haiz…

Sat – went for an event. ok ok… a singles’ event… realised many things

  1. Dragon Fruit (?? – 龙珠果) grows on cactus like plants
  2. I found Nemo in Singapore 🙂 And Dory too!!! hahaha…
  3. Some fish are really gold in colour (and I don’t mean goldfish, k)

Met up with an old friend… I must have first seen him a decade ago, as he was in my good friend’s class! haha… but hor… I think we never talk before leh… Anyway, it was nice talking to him, and nice to catch up about the old days and about our mutual friends… hopefully can remain in touch bah…

Anyway, we went to visit an Arowana farm, Coral farm (home of Nemo and Dory :)), Dragon Fruit Farm, some fish farm where we saw eels, frogs and prawns and then Lower Pierce Reservoir… lantern walk. I got a hello kitty lantern… but hor, you know, lanterns are not exactly a good light source… and intelligent me was in heels… luckily my schmate was in front of me and helping me and lending me light from his lantern when mine extinguished, else I think I would have freaked out!! yes, I am scared of the dark… and it was really dark ok

Anyway, more reflections

  1. 6 minutes is really long if u meet a wierdo
  2. sometimes, it’s too short…
  3. I’m starting to talk nonsense… nevermind….


September 17, 2007

at guardians… I know it’s a letdown, but hey… I just happened to walk past and decided to go in, ok?

Then, I saw this mask on discount… so decided to try… 2 masks at 3 bucks! Man, that’s cheap, and it’s a pretty good brand too… nivea visage, so got some to try!

green.jpg blue.jpg

Let me try and then review it, k? It’s like a ton cheaper than my previous ones lor….


hmm… not very impressed after first try leh… though I felt nivea’s products are pretty good… I use their sunblock and am quite happy with it… but this one… hmm… maybe I’m not used to non-tissue masks bah…