976 days to go…

June 29, 2006

Thursday, finally… tomorrow’s Friday. Got to know about training on coming Wednesday at HPB. Okayz… will be going. lolz…

Caught up with a college friend. Hmm… I should really work on keeping in touch with friends. haha… guess… many of my friends from that period, we tend to take for granted, that we will still be able to connect when we next meet. Love that feeling. Although we no longer get to meet often, I still feel easy with them. =)


978 days to go…

June 27, 2006

Going SD again on Friday. kekeke… this time with 2 close friends from school. I just know that dinner and SD and coffee will be fantastic! 🙂 Haven’t seen either of them for just soooooooooooooooooo long!

Sigh… seems that there’s more and more professional sharing these days. Always attending something or another. Well, at least for extra duties, we get paid extra for the time we take lor, or I think most of us will come up with some story to get out of it. It’s so tiring!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh argh argh argh argh……………………… My schedule is so unbelievably busy in August… sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh…..

979 days to go…

June 26, 2006

hmm… today was boringgggggggggggggggggggg…. Monday blues, I guess. Back to work after a long long break. Most of the kids were glad to see me, for which I am glad and grateful. Went out with a colleague after work for tea. Fun! keke… but got a call from boss about work matters. Gave me a big fright actually. But luckily, it’s not a big mistake lah… kekeke…

Guess today is good in that it’s pretty peaceful. Hopefully the rest of the term remains that way. Hmm… someone asked if I’m free this weekend. Haha… think I better not think too much. Mabbe all that he’s trying to find out is if I’m free to do something totally boring, like er… pass him some things… or whatever… haha… well well… think I’m quite incoherent again… =P

Anyway, bz week… tmr and wed… training and meeting… arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. thursday is a possible early day 🙂 Friday too… have plans that night!!! keke… meet up with some of my school friends for chit chat and dinner too =) keke… must set up my July calendar soon… June is ending 😦 so sad… another half a year gone…

Think I’m starting to feel stagnant. Really wanna pick up something new, but the things I’ve listed seem not to appeal to me as much as they did just a while back. I wonder why. Still enjoying photography, but feel the need to branch out in a new direction, a new frontier, to go boldly where I’ve not gone before. Feeling angsty for some reason. Another quarter life crisis? Hopefully not a midlife crisis!

981 days to go…

June 24, 2006

hmm, seems like it’s the season to get in pairs! First, got an sms from an ex-classmate asking me if I’m able to attend her wedding in july. Hmm… sorry to say this, but I guess I’m really pretty bad at keeping up to date, so i didn’t know she got attached since I met the previous bf. Obviously different coz different name! hahaha… Anyway, she’s a sweet gal, and he’s one lucky guy!

Seems that more and more of my SDU friends are getting attached too 🙂 Met up with friends over the weekend. Seeing signs of more people pairing off, which means SDU is performing its role well! kekeke… at least 3 pairs I can see, either obviously in a pair, or soon to be in a pair. keke… most impt thing is that they’re happy 🙂 and they help to alleviate the nation’s problem abt not enough grads getting married 😉 (and hopefully increase the birth rate sometime soon lah!)

keke… think I really lost quite a bit thru tt ordeal… at least 10 pple told me I look thinner… but the price is pretty steep, as those in the know know. Certainly, it’s not going to make it to anyone’s top 10 list for losing weight, but I guess I can be motivated to keep it at this level. Hmm… wanna learn tennis leh, but sigh… no venue, no kaki. Table tennis, found kaki, but nearest venue is like 45 min away by bus, and we both sianz… guess I need to find something else then. Yoga? Dance? Basketball (even harder to find kakis). I need new ideas!!! how how how?

Thinking of taking a formal course on etiquette/makeup/dress sense. Seems that I have pretty bad dress sense, compounded by my rather “non-feminine” hobbies. Certainly no heels, not likely to have makeup, not likely to be dresses for many of my activities. Hmm… should I? shouldn’t I?

Went to shoot JSL today. Had fun chasing the kitties and doggies all over, and had fun chatting at dinner 🙂 hope to shoot with them again soon!

983 days to go…

June 22, 2006

hmm… didn’t get to write in the past few days. Basically, went out or went to staff meeting *super draining!!!*

Anyway, juz to write down a few thoughts of mine. Going out to invigilate for CL Listening Compre and be Oral Examiner for EL. Argh… there’s responsibility allowance of course, but haiz, it’s for keeping your mouth shut and suffering throughout 15 readings, esp those by private candidates. Of course, there are some who are good, but many I’ve come across can barely speak English… 10 days of torture!!!!

Anywayz, I gotta go sleep again… working morning and night tomorrow!!! Talk about sianzzzzz… have remedial in the morning (still ok) and band bbq @ nite. hmm… I gonna refrain from eating I think… Dun intend to stay out too late anyway, so prob pop by and see see look look and chabok!!

986 days to go…

June 19, 2006

Went CC for the first time in my life yesterday!!! The food’s not bad, with some rather special things. Like fishmeat towgua and fishmeat towhu. Like different flavoured towhuay. And no, I don’t have a beans fetish.

Had some fried hokkien mee and some grilled fish. Found that it’s really a pubbing area. Counted at least 7 pubs there. Hmm… but still think the food in my area better lah.

okay… think I wanna sleep… keke…

987 days to go…

June 18, 2006

Hmm, I seem to be finding more motivation to watch soccer 😉 Cristiano Ronaldowc2006_cristiano_ronaldo_021.jpg looks sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute…. he’s so boyish!!!!!!!!!!1 =) =)=) *thumbs up*

But… Fabio Cannavaro, wc2006_fabio_cannavaro_02.jpg, man oh man… words fail me here… *faintz*

Now oh now, before my long term friends start wondering what’s gotten into me… considering I normally don’t fawn over guys like this (good looking or otherwise) and I don’t really watch soccer… hmmm…. I guess the WC fever is going on right? and since I still can’t tell between a penalty kick and a free kick (though I realise that the goal is an integral part of the game *grinz*) and well… the ball… looks the same each time, what better to do than to look at eye candy??? keke… this type where you can only see, hmm.. then we have to look out for the cute ones mah… lolz… okay okay… I seriously cannot make it ok? lolz…

Hmm… time to find a life… which involves less chatting online… which involves less watching cute guys on tv… considering that erm… I actually watch very little tv, and most of tv this year has been on either elections or soccer… *pengz pengz pengz*… less blogging?… but my photography MUST continue.. invested so much time and energy (and not to mention the initial investment, which I’m proud to say, has not increased yet) on it, so I must learn this one skill well 🙂

Was telling a few friends about my comm svc stint. Looking back, technically I have been serving for more than the 6 years I had previously mentioned. Started serving the school community in sec sch, as a peer support leader when I was 15 and 16. This was the point when I started to open up a little more, and was a little less “shy”. Learnt how to relate better to others and how to get people to open up and talk. Learnt about many things, identified women role models whom I still hold as my guiding light. Learnt how to be responsible for myself, and how to take control of my lifestyle and time. Also learnt how to say NO, though… I still suck at it!!!

Went on to Interact Club in JC when I was 17 and 18, when I served in Jurong Gardens School (MINDS) as “volunteer assistant” and Singapore Children’s Society (Henderson) as camp personnel. Must say that that was my most intensive learning period. Learnt how to take care of someone who is totally dependent on me. First time I bathed (+ battled) a kid on my own. First time I got insulted in public for something not of my doing. Learnt how to hold on to what’s important to me. Learnt many small and nitty gritty things, and most of all, learnt about myself.

Started to “freelance” comm svc in Uni… was at Children’s Cancer Foundation in NUH. Was part of my hall volunteer group in my first year, but just continued anyway after leaving hall. Felt that it was a form of “liberation” where I was finally allowed to turn down what I really didn’t want to do, but had to do as a member of a service club (eg. flag days). Learnt a lot from this period of time too… about letting go, about holding on, about preciousness, about the difference between telling lies and not telling the truth, about sidestepping difficult questions, and answering them when the time comes.

Seriously, looking back, I still feel that one of the things I read years back are really true…

It is only through the eyes of others do you see yourself. It is only through the work of your own do you find the difference in others.



    There is no better exercise for your heart,
    Than reaching down and helping to lift someone up.

Bernard Meltzer



    A pessimist, they say, sees a glass of water as being half empty;
    an optimist sees the same glass as half full.
    But a giving person sees a glass of water and starts looking for someone who might be thirsty.

G. Donald Gale



    Learn to lead in a nourishing manner.
    Learn to lead without being possessive.
    Learn to be helpful without taking the credit.
    Learn to lead without coercion.

Lao Tzu, philosopher


“Volunteers are not paid–not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.”